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What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Wireless Driveway Alarm System

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Saturday, May 25, 2019
A driveway alarm system is almost a security essential if you live in an independent house and you or members of your family often end up staying alone. These alarm systems detect any kind of intrusion in the driveway itself, alerting house owners to take effective action against intruders. They can broadly be divided into two main categories-wired and wireless driveway alarm systems. Wireless driveway alarms are easier to install than their wired counterparts, especially if the house that you inhabit has already been fully constructed.<br> <br> Once you have decided that it is a wireless driveway alarm that you need, then some of the other things that you need to take into consideration in order to choose the best one for your home are:<br> <br> The Range Of The Device: Different types of wireless alert systems can transmit signals over different distances. You will have to choose a wireless driveway alarm system based mainly upon the length of your driveway and the total distance between the installation of the sensor and the receiver. Keep in mind that the range mentioned by manufacturers of such devices is done so keeping in mind a clear line of sight. However, in reality, your driveway alarm system will have to transmit signals across trees, walls and other buildings, all of which reduce the range of transmission. So if you have a house where the distance between the sensor and the receiver will be at least 150 meters, then go for an alarm system that has a range of at least 250 to 300 meters. Similarly, for a larger installation, 신화카지노 - you will need alarms with a range of 900 meters or so.<br> <br> Type Of Sensors: Wireless driveway alarm systems come with different types of detectors. While some will not sound an alert for animals less than 40 pounds, others will detect only adults and cars. Depending upon the kind of movement that you want to be aware of, you will need to choose between infrared sensing or magnetic sensors. In case it is a large installation that needs to be covered, you might want to invest in a wireless driveway alarm system that comes with a number of sensors for monitoring different areas of the property.<br> <br> Receiving Options: When the sensor of your wireless driveway alarm detects intrusion, it sends signals to its receiving unit. The receiver in turn sounds an alarm to alert human beings about the security breach. Depending upon your security needs, you may choose an alarm system that may turn on the driveway lights once motion is detected or sound a warning siren in the driveway. If your needs are more advanced, you might want to invest in an alarm that automatically dials up certain phone numbers and delivers a pre-recorded message informing about breach of security. For larger installations, you might want to invest in a system that comes with multiple receivers.
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