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Your vote needed regarding Bentz letter

Thursday, January 21, 2021 - 17:30


I'm working on a more lengthy newsletter, but wanted to get this out ASAP. The leadership of ORD2 Indivisible group which represents many parts of our congressional district #2 has drafted a statement regarding Rep Cliff Bentz's votes in the past two weeks. They are asking if other Indivisible groups in District #2 would like to sign on as well. They are looking to send it to Mr Bentz, submit it as an LTE in the Oregonian, Eastern Oregonian, and elsewhere. Please email me YES or NO by Saturday if you think POP should sign on to this letter - Thanks. Below is the text of the letter...

After four years of Greg Walden, we at ORD2 Indivisible thought we’d seen it all.
We had watched our Congressman jump on the Trump Train in 2017, and we raised our voices – every single day – to hold him accountable.

But in one short week, Cliff Bentz has actually outdone Greg Walden.
We are stunned – and we are calling for his resignation.

The person who represents us in Washington should believe that every vote counts. He (or she) should trust our courts. And when a president incites a mob and directs them to march on the U.S. Capitol, when he tells them to undermine a fair election and the peaceful transfer of power, when he tells them the Vice President and Speaker of the House should pay a price, and people die, the person who represents us in Washington should know the right thing to do and do it.

No matter what his party.

No matter whom he wishes had won.

No matter how loud the “base” is shouting in his district.

Cliff Bentz has failed every test of a statesman in one short, terrible week.
We understand that he’s new at this and that being a member of Congress is hard. The issues are complicated, and you certainly have to make a lot of difficult decisions. We know he’s never going to make everyone happy. But these were easy decisions. Bentz chose half-baked conspiracy theories over the truth, and he chose to defend a president who said he loved those angry white “patriots.” Bentz is a lawyer who took an oath to the Constitution and he should have put our democracy first.
His decisions are unforgivable.

So, Bentz has a choice. He can resign. Or, he can spend the next two years dealing with us. He can ask his staff, many who worked for Walden, about our withering daily calls, constant letters to the editors, blistering social media posts, and embarrassing rallies outside his offices. They can help him master the Waldenesque act of hiding and making sneaky trips into town to avoid us.

We’re not going anywhere. But we hope he does. We hope he goes home and lets someone with dignity and decency represent the people of District 2.

~The ORD2 Indivisible Steering Committee

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