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What Next?

Thursday, January 7, 2021 - 09:00


Like many of you, what happened yesterday was not a surprise to me. We all knew what Trump was capable of when we joined Indivisible and formed POP four years ago. What WAS surprising was that so many Republicans helped him do it by promoting his fantasy that he won the election, including our own newly-elected Cliff Bentz. Mr Bentz voted to certify the AZ electoral college vote, but he voted AGAINST certifying the Pennsylvania vote last night, thereby becoming a member of the "Sedition Coalition." Perhaps he was trying to protect both flanks or just couldn't commit to a decision based on principle, as is evidenced by this interview with the Oregonian -

I am unsure of what to do next, but two things come to my mind.

First, I need your help in keeping track of any articles, FB posts or tweets, or other information about Cliff Bentz. Sign up for his congressional newsletter. Send me anything you see that we can use for an LTE and for other ways to call him out for his behavior or his votes against the interests of Oregonians. I will keep a file. Jamie McLeod-Skinner has formed a PAC intended to recruit, train and provide resources for potential rural leaders and candidates. After yesterday's vote, it's clear that Mr Bentz will be a major target for us in two years. If anyone is interested in helping on a sort of "Bentz-tracking" team, please let me know. Other groups in OR District 2 are also planning to do this, so we will likely be working with them. And of course, feel free to call his office (he's using Walden's old phone number - 202-225-6730) or email him at I understand several of you were unable to get through on his phone line.

Second, I'd like to do something to celebrate what we have achieved. We have much to celebrate. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office two weeks from today. We won the Georgia Senate races and will take control of the Senate. We have accomplished our goals to DUMP TRUMP AND DITCH MITCH! I'm not sure how to do this responsibly while Wasco County is at "extremely high" risk for spread of covid. I welcome any suggestions you may have. Please email me ideas, or post them on the POP Facebook page. Next week is Indivisible's Week of Action. Perhaps we can aim for something during that week.

I welcome any other suggestions for Indivisible!

Debi Ferrer

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