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Vote for a POP Logo

Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 07:00

Hi Everyone. We need your opinion! At our meeting on Tuesday, we discussed creating a logo for POP. This logo will be used if our group wants to sign onto future letters with other POP groups to make our voice a little louder. For example, a number of Indivisible groups throughout Oregon recently joined in on a letter to Governor Brown expressing disappointment that she "gave away" some gun safety legislation and vaccination legislation to get Republican lawmakers to return to work and pass the education bill (after their 4 day walkout/strike). Our group decided to create a logo, and Serena Smith volunteered to work on one. We also decided that if there is an opportunity to sign on to future letters, we'll send out a Doodle Poll asking the group's opinion as to whether or not we should add our logo to that particular letter, if we don't have a meeting within the time frame needed.

So, here is some practice with the Doodle Poll. If I do this right, you should see 3 attachments: Logo 1 and 2 (1-top, 2-bottom), Logo 3, and Logo 4. Click on each one to see the logo options, and decide which one you like best. Then go to to vote for your favorite. If you have suggestions for improvements, please email me at and I will pass them on to Serena.

We need your opinions by June 4th, so be sure to take the Doodle Poll by then!

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