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Two Actions Needed

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - 15:00

Dear Poppers, I hope you're all enjoying some sunny spring weather! And I hope you can take a few minutes out of these glorious days for a couple simple but important actions.

ACTION 1 - This week is the final big push for HR1/S1 For the People Act. Please contact your Members of Congress (Wyden, Merkley and Bentz) and let them know how important this bill is for democracy. Click here for some background, a script and phone numbers of our MoCs. For those who love to write postcards, Indivisible Oregon is holding a virtual postcard writing party this Saturday March 6th at 12 pm. We'll be writing to West Virginians to urge them to contact their senator, Joe Manchin, urging him to support S1. Click here to register for that event - And contact me ( to get some postcards and stamps.

ACTION 2 - Please look over these bills and let me know if you think POP should sign on to supporting them. Thanks to those of you who let me know about last week’s bills (about 10 of you), but it would be great if I could hear from more folks! If you agree with all the recommendations, just send me an email that says "Agree to All." If you have particular bills you disagree with the recommendations over, let me know your vote on each one. (

Election Day postmark allowed for ballots
Two bills address this, HB2226 and HB2687. The main difference is that HB2226 excludes ballot drop offs by anyone other than the voter themselves, except on election day. This provision is not included in HB2687. In addition, per HB2226 those filing absentee ballots must pay for their own postage. This provision is not included in HB2687. The Legislative Team believes HB2687 is the better bill and strongly endorse that one. The Leg Team is opposing HB2226.

Allowing felons to vote while incarcerated
There are also two bills on this topic: HB2366 and SB571. The main difference between the two bills as originally formulated is that HB2366 was limited to felons whose crimes were committed in Oregon. SB571 applies to all felons. Although not reflected as of Feb 28 in the online materials in OLIS, we are told by Rep Rayfield’s office that HB2366 has been amended to remove the stipulation that it only applies to felonies committed within the State of Oregon. In its revised form, this bill is now essentially equivalent to SB571. Accordingly, the Legislative Team now support both bills. This is an interesting topic. I was a bit hesitant at first till I heard the arguments for it.

The Legislative Team recommends that we OPPOSE HB 2610, which would eliminate safe passage requirements for fish statewide. A whole host of environmental groups oppose this bill, as do the COIN member groups Vocal Seniority and Act for Democracy. Rep. Nearman supports it. All you need to know!

Here is the link to the Google Drive file where I am posting all the worksheets completed on these bills by the members of the Legislative Teams for those who care to view more of the rationale for the Team’s support or opposition to these bills.
And, if you are interested in tracking any of these bills or sitting in via Zoom on hearings for these and other bills, go to for your one-stop shopping for everything related to the Oregon Legislature. And feel free to contact me if you would like some help figuring out how to track bills or attend a hearing.

Thank You!
Debi Ferrer

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