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Oregon Poor People's Campaign - A Call for Moral Revival

Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 10:00

The Dr. William J Barber and Rev. Liz Theoharris are launching Poor People's Campaign - A Call for Moral Revival and calling for 40 days of direct action starting in May. They have chapters in Oregon working out of Corvallis and Eugene and Portland I think. Can we hook up with this and bring it to our corner of the state? Can we combine this with what we are already doing and with the burgeoning student movement? Dr. Barber speaks of a fusion movement - fusion of races, fusion of beliefs/faiths, fusion of cultures. In my experience the most powerful coalitions are the most diverse coalitions, which are also sometimes the most difficult coalitions. Dr. Barber talks about this in has last book, The Third Reconstruction, which came out a few years ago. The underlying message is that the great moral issues of our day are poverty and oppression and the war economy.

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