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November Pop Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 16, 2018 - 08:00

November POP Meeting Minutes
Thursday November 15th, 2018

Meeting was opened with a performance by the Out of the Kitchen Marching Band. This group was formed for fun and the good vibes singing together brings. Watch for other great gospel, inspirational singing and maybe even some marching too from this group.

Election results nationwide are continuing to add to Democrat House members. In Oregon voter turn-out through November 15 is 69.46%. In Wasco County our return rate is 68.59. Better yet is the Oregon return rate for voters contacted by in the Neighborhood Leader Program (NLP) - 89%. Connecting with voters works! Our Neighborhood Leaders have reported higher return rates than the county or the state, with as high as a 92% return rate. There will be a planning and analysis for the NLP to determine how to expand and improve for the next election.

Indivisible Guide on Offense - setting the agenda and offering a guide to now be on offense with the change in leadership in the House of Representatives. Very important to read this guide and bring ideas to next meeting.

Passed around the signature sheet for a letter Indivisible Rogue Valley is taking to Walden’s Medford office on Friday. (Letter is posted on the POP website.) There will be signatures from Baker City and Klamath Falls also included when the letter is submitted.

NORCOR update - Connie Krummrich announced the Judge has set a court date for January 10 to hear the case that will define and clarify Oregon’s statewide sanctuary law. This is the lawsuit from July 2017 by a group of local county residents to argue that the agreement between ICE and NORCOR violates Oregon’s sanctuary law.

Discussion of our groups focus and the name, POP which doesn’t identify us an Indivisible group. Proposal to change the name to include “Indivisible” in it was discussed but unanimously decided to table until the December meeting for further evaluation.

Ideas for going forward:
*Tim Schechtel suggested POP members participate in a “retreat” that Gorge Ice Resistance, Rural Organizing Project, and other groups are planning.
*Dean Myerson suggested talking with all POP members, to connect and find out how they are doing after two years since POP started. Date and location coming soon. Let Dean know if you want to be a part of this project
*Postcard writing party - feels good and provides for a great group experience.
*Have a showing of “Big Money Agenda” - brochure on the POP website.
*Connect with Indivisible Oregon to utilize the resources available and continue to work with our neighbor Indivisible groups.
* Promote an Indivisible Oregon meeting for all Indivisible groups in Oregon.
* Invite a guest speaker to discuss redistricting which may occur after the 2020 election.

Announced we are invited to the Indivisible Columbia Gorge “Big Ass Celebration” in Hood River Sunday November 18 from 4-6:00 pm at the Hood River Hotel, 102 Oak Street. Potluck finger foods. This is a celebration of the building of the progressive community with ICG and other groups in our area.

December meeting date and location to be determined.

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