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National Popular Vote Oregon

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 19:00

We need National Popular Vote - NPV! The presidential election winner should be the candidate who gets the most votes! It doesn't require a constitutional amendment with the NPV interstate compact, it just requires enough states to sign on and then in 2020, the presidential election will be fair and democratic.

HB2927 passed the Oregon state house last week and is now headed to the state senate. Our state Senator, Ted Ferrioli, is a key person in this vote because he is one of the top ranking Republicans in the Senate. So he needs to hear from his constituents - you! Here are some key points to include:

1. You are a constituent. He got lots of emails from around the country, but Indivisible knows that he listens most to his constituents.
2. It really is pretty simple: we want the person who gets the most votes to win, like all other elections.
3. NPV means that all votes count the same. We are "we the people" and all our votes should count the same.
4. Pass HB2927 as is, don't amend it, and don't send it to the voters. We would win that election but the US constitution delegates this to state legislatures and it has always been state legislatures that decide how electoral votes are apportioned.
5. HB2927 will not abolish the electoral college, it just changes how Oregon's electoral votes are used: they would go to the winner of the popular vote.

Lots more information at National Popular Vote.

Oregon NPV on Facebook: - Join!

Call Ferrioli at 503-986-1950 (Salem) or 541-490-6528 (John Day)
Email Ferrioli at

The vote will be in the next week or two, so please let Ferrioli know that his constituents wants NPV.

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