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Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 08:00


LAST MINUTE CHANGES - our POP January meeting was scheduled for Thursday January 24th - the same day as the Walden Town Hall and Senator Wyden will be holding a Town Hall on Tuesday January 22. And the Women’s March is this Saturday January 19th! What to do?

After a bit of a scramble and Steering Committee discussions via email, we have canceled the January 24th POP meeting and will reschedule for either Thursday February 7th or Thursday February 21st. Stay tuned on that information.

Bring your signs, connect with our Gorge Community, and join the 3rd annual event promising to be bigger than ever. Bring Family and friends
Saturday, January 19 at Thompson Park (swimming pool location on West 2nd)
11:00 AM Set-up
Noon - Speakers and music
1:00 - March


What a difference an election makes! Amazingly, our newly re-elected Congressman made this statement in his announcement for his upcoming Town Hall meetings:
“I look forward to getting together with people on the ground and hearing your concerns and ideas and suggestions about this new session of Congress, and giving you an update on the things we’ve accomplished and what we want to work on going forward.”

Also during his opening statement for the 116th Congress said:
“I come here today with a very simple request and in the spirit of this new congress and a fresh start let us come together and make sure that those Americans with pre-existing health conditions are protected - period. But that can only happen if the new Democratic majority allows it.” Laughable as we know because Walden helped craft the controversial GOP health care bill that would have ended coverage for some 24 million Americans, including of course, pre-existing conditions.

So Greg Walden has some explaining to do. We have questions, does he have answers?

After more than 640 days, our congressman is finally holding a series of town halls across District 2. On Friday January 18 he starts at the south end of the district, Grants Pass, Medford and Klamath Falls, Saturday in Bend, on Sunday Madras and Prineville, on Monday Burns and Ontario, on Tuesday Baker City, Enterprise, and LaGrande, Wednesday is Pendleton, Boardman and Arlington, and finally on Thursday the 24th Hood River and last but not least The Dalles!

Greg Walden Town Halls:
Thursday, January 24 at 8:00 AM
Hood River Armory
1590 12th Street 8:00 AM

Thursday, January 24 at 10:30 AM
The Dalles Veterans Home
700 Veterans Drive
For a complete list of times and locations, go to Walden’s announcement.

*Strategy from ORD2:
Bring you questions and your “Agree” and “Disagree” signs. Remember: time is limited. We may only get eight or ten chances to ask questions.
If you want to include a personal story or feeling with your question, keep it to two or three sentences. All we need to know is why this question is important to you. (Good idea to write out what you want to say and practice out loud.)

Write down your questions, in order of importance. If someone else asks one of your questions, mark those off your list.

Do your research! Make sure your question is based on facts. Time-allowing, ORD2 Indivisible hopes to put up a page on its website this week with basic issues and facts to help you. The information will also be shared within ORD2 Indivisible’s Facebook Discussion Group.

Keep your questions simple and direct, then follow up. A “yes” or “no” question will make Walden go on the record. An “open” question will allow him to deflect or steer his answer into his own comfort zone. For example, if you ask him, “Do you support Medicare for All?” expect an answer. Don’t sit down or give up the mike until you get it.

Make your question count. Your question should serve one of three purposes:
-- To tell Walden what matters to you, followed by a direct ask for legislation he should sponsor or support.
-- To find out where he stands on policy, positions on issues, etc.
-- To get a commitment from him on the record, so we can hold him to it later.

Finally, be firm, be strong, be persistent and be civil. We understand that with all the awful things happening in D.C., and with Walden’s terrible track record, there is a lot of frustration and anger out there. Don’t let your own frustrations overshadow the question or his answers.

*Senator Wyden will be holding Town Hall meetings as well, two days before Walden's - great place to practice your questions!

Ron Wyden Town Halls:

Monday, January 21 at 3:30 PM
Hood River Middle School
1602 May Street, Hood River

Tuesday, January 22 at 10:00 AM
Dufur School
802 NE 5th Street, Dufur


After the amazing 2018 election and return of Democratic control of the House, another Women’s March, and first of the year Town Hall meetings, we have much to discuss! Watch for an announcement for our next meeting. Meanwhile make those phone calls, write the letters, and then encourage your friends to come to our next meeting.

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