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Carbon Cap/Invest Bill Needs Help

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 15:30

Hi POP members. Oregon's HB 2020 was looking like it was going to go through, but today, a new threat emerged. Renew Oregon has just notified Indivisible Groups that an amendment has been proposed that would exempt fuel from the bill until 2025. This would virtually doom the bill to irrelevance, exactly what opponents want.

Other Indivisible groups around the state are joining in on a letter to our State Legislators asking them not to vote for the amendment. I have attached that letter here as a PDF file.

As we discussed at the last POP meeting, we have the opportunity to add POP's "signature" in the form of a logo. You voted for Logo #4, the one with the wavy lines to represent the Columbia, with a couple small changes. As we agreed, at that last meeting, I am sending out the info, and now I need to hear back from you if you want POP to join on this letter.

Please email with a YES if you want POP to sign on to the letter and a NO if you don't. I need this by Wednesday - tomorrow! At this point, time is really of the essence.

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