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Calling All Candidates!

Friday, January 19, 2018 - 07:30

POPers: Both of our incumbent Republican legislative representatives resigned for other jobs recently and have been replaced by county commissioners with new people. This is a golden opportunity to elect somebody more progressive to one or both of these seats. Both seats take in more than just Wasco County, especially the Senate seat, but as of yet, neither has anybody declared to run against the unelected/appointed incumbents (the appointed Senator was an elected House representative). Deadline for declaring to run for one of these seats is March 6. You do need to be ready and willing to do the job but help is here for your campaign. If you're interested in running, please contact us. Please think of all the people you know as well and talk to them about this. We need to RECRUIT qualified candidates to run for these seats, not just wait for them to magically show up. Then we need to support them in their campaigns. There also are seats up in The Dalles: Mayor and city council seats. The MAy 15 election is a primary for state legislature and the final election for the local races.

Please help us recruit a strong progressive slate both for local and state legislative races. We have the energy this year - we need the candidates!

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